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Son Todd and Granddaughter Lauren of Ben Raimondi, Fish'in Comfort Guide Service with 7.1 lb 26 in German Brown

Jasmine with her catch with Ben Raimondi, Fish'in Comfort Guide Service

Another nice catch of the day

Dave Dulon with a nice catch of the day

I got a lot of fishing in the last ten days primarily fishing the same areas you outlined.  Caught a lot of Spots and Small Mouths too.  Here is a good picture of one of the Spots I caught. Randy Belleci

Fishing Report I have attached a picture of a 8+ lb Spotted Bass I caught the other evening. I was up the Pit River arm using a Rapala top water. I am not holding the fish out for the camera, it is up against my chest. I released the fish after the picture, I hope the next person that catches it does the same.
I have attached a picture of a 8+ lb Spotted Bass I caught the other evening. I was up the Pit River arm using a Rapala top water. I am not holding the fish out for the camera, it is up against my chest. I released the fish after the picture, I hope the next person that catches it does the same. Ed


Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 00:03:38
Current Report:
Fishing Report- Basshole Bar and Grill- The Lake is 28 feet from the top, the weather is in the 70's and the FISH ARE BITING!!!!! The German Browns are on the bite as well as the Salmon and Rainbows. The bite will only get BETTER! The Browns and Rainbow are holding at 30-40 feet and the Salmon at 80 feet. Limits of Spotted Bass are not unusual. My buddy Jeff Michaels is catching Spots 6-7 #s. AGAIN, the bite will only get better! Our Bait Shop is fully stocked and we're selling large minnows and other live bait. Don't forget, the Shasta Lake Trout and Salmon Classic is May 1st and 2nd. For more info and how to enter this great two day Derby call and leave a message at 530-238-2716. I'll see you this Spring! David

Date: Monday, January 11, 2010 at 01:26:13
Current Report:
I am in the Florida Keys now with Charlie and Betty Bryant and their son Chuck.(our neighbors up in Lakehead) On my first day here we caught some mackerel, snapper and a 4-foot barracuda! The minute I threw my line in the water, I caught fish. There is a fantastic restaurant where you can pay them $10 and they will cook your fish any way you want-I had blackened snapper and it was delicious! I had a complete knee replacement in November which slowed down my fishing for the last 6 months. I believe in giving first-hand information so have not been doing any fishing reports. Since the surgery, I have been feeling great and stronger every day so am looking forward to a fantastic 2010 for fishing. Looking forward to chasing the big Browns in March. Will keep you posted. Watch our web site for some amazing pictures from my Florida fishing trip-also an iguana or two! There was a small craft advisory today with 35 mph winds so hoping the rest of my trip we will be able to get out and fish some more. It is beautiful (but cold-40's) today. Weather is heating up though and expect to see 60's in next couple of days

Date: Monday, August 31, 2009 at 11:22:39
Current Report:
The Shasta Lake Trout Derby is coming up soon! Dates: October 17 and 18 (Sat& Sun) Seminar at 7:00 PM at the Basshhole Bar and Grill on Friday Night (16th). For more info go to or call 530-238-2170. Trout fishing is very active by trolling 75 feet down using blue and shad pattern lures. The Bass will get exciting in about 2-3 weeks with top-water lures. Catching 8-10 Catfish is not uncommon using chicken livers and nightcrawlers. Night fishing can be alot of fun! I'll keep the report current for the next few months! Dave

Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 15:02:14
Current Report:
Basshole Bar and Grill/ Tackle and Bait Shop, Lakehead, CA 530-238-2170 The last two weeks I've again experienced some fantastic fishing. With Buddies Ben Raimondi(Fish'in Comfort, Phone: 530-238-9789, Cell # 530-949-4303), renowned outdoorsmen Mark Hill and Terry Mauer, we fished the Upper McCloud for Brown Trout, but they still haven't dropped back into the lake. So we looked for shad around Steve Berry's Holiday Harbor and found huge shad balls! Now we just concentrate on open water about 1/4 of a mile South of the Harbor and catch limits of Rainbows up to 3#. The water is 160 feet deep, but we're trolling Kastmasters and Rapalas 5 feet to the surface. I'll let you know when the shad move and when the bite is on for the Big Browns. We weighed in a 7#lloz. Spotted Bass last Friday evening. Jeff Michaels has hit the water as much as possible, especially with the light rain that we've been having. He reports catching 10-20 Bass using his swim baits! We're having a mild winter, so i'm on the Lake weekly and really enjoying these conditions! See you at the Basshole! David

Date: Monday, November 24, 2008 at 11:23:50
Current Report:
It's been a while since I've been so excited about a Fishing Trip! Ben(Fish'in Comfort: 530-238-9789 or Cell# 530-949-4303), Jasmine and I headed up the McCloud Arm just past Hirtz Bay. Jeff Michaels, our resident Bass Pro, told us there were a lot of big Rainbow Trout chasing shad in that area. We trolled blue Countdown Rapalas and just knocked them dead. In three hours we caught ten Rainbows up to 3.5#. We didn't catch anything under 2.5#. Check out the photos at the Basshole. We've had terrific shad hatches this Fall and the water temperature is at 53 degrees and the Bass and Trout are just gorging themselves! Talking about Bass, Jeff won a one day Bass Tournament($100 per pound) with 17#! We fished Friday and he fished Saturday in the same area throwing reaction baits! Congratulations Jeff! Grab your kids, grandchildren, wife or buddy and get on the lake now!!!!!! David, Basshole Bar and Grill/ Tackle and Bait Shop 530-238-2170

Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 01:32:44
Current Report:
Basshole Bar and Grill/Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing report I've been so busy, but thanks to all of your emails I'm finally putting out a report! Ben(Fish'in Comfort: 530-238-9789 or cell# 530-949-4303) reports that the Rainbow bite is on! He's fishing at 65 feet using blue and shad color lures in water around Water's Gulch and Toupee Island. Limits with weight up to 3.5# is not uncommon! I'm worming and using grubs and tossing them to the bank and into 45 feet of water. We're catching limits with nice Bass up to 19". This is unusual for this time of year, but we had a late shad hatch and the lake is full of small shad! At 87 feet down from the crest we still have over 225 MILES of shoreline, and boat ramps are open! Hope to see you soon! David

Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 23:14:02
Current Report:
Fishing Report Basshole Bar and Grill,, Wow! The Shasta Lake Classic was a huge success! We had over 300 Anglers (Ben and I managed to finish 24th) great fishing, great weather and, most importantly, a ton of FUN! The shad hatch was just over a month ago, so as a result, the fishing is fantastic and will continue so through June! To get on the big Spotted Bass, get out of the coves and fish the big water. I'm using spinner baits, my Zoom grubs and worming with brown colors. The hot set-up for the Brown and Rainbow Trout is trolling using Apex 45 feet down in water at least 100 feet deep. Keep looking for shad balls. The weather is in the low 80's with some cloud cover so this is a perfect time to hit the lake! Stop by and say Hi! David

Date: Friday, March 28, 2008 at 17:34:10
Current Report:
Fishing Report - Bassshole Bait and Tackle- The hot bite is the Spotted Bass! Use grubs on a leadhead, crankbait, and white spinner bait and you'll limit out! The chances on hooking up the 4.5# to 7.0# Spots are excellent! By working primary and secondary points, you'll be successful! Finally, the Brown and Rainbow Trout are on the prowl. Ben(Fish'in Comfort 530-238-9789 or Cell# 530-949-4303) and I picked up some nice Rainbow, 2.5-3.5#, by Camel Creek on the McCloud. A couple of days ago a skilled angler nailed a 4.5# Brown just outside of Sugarloaf Inlet(Sacramento Arm) See picture. The Lake is coming up 1/2 foot a day. Other than Bailey Cove, all ramps are open. Water Temperature is rising slowly (50-52 degrees). NOW is the time to plan your Fishing Trips for April and May. You'll be happy that you did! Stop and say "Hi" and check out our Bait Shop! Dave

Date: Monday, March 3, 2008 at 01:04:23
Current Report:
Fishing Report, Basshole Bar and Grill/ Bait and Tackle Shop On Thursday, Ben Raimondi(Fish'in Comfort: Phone # 530-238-9789, Cell # 530-949-4303), Don Bass and I launched at Hirtz Bay and trolled up the McCloud Arm. We fished hard and when 10:30 rolled around and not a bite, we decided to head for Packers Bay. We weren't trolling for more than 5 minutes and Don hooked into a nice 3.3# Brown Trout trolling with a watermelon pattern lure at 22 feet. Wow! After another couple of hours we hooked into a 2# Rainbow Trout and called it a day. It's going to be a couple more weeks before we figure out a plan of attack. Right now the Bass bite is really starting to pick up, fishing in 5-40 feet of water. You can jig, drop-shot or use my favorite method- grubs on a lead-head! If you are fishing from shore, one of the hot spots is Old Man's Camp, using minnows. We're going Salmon fishing in Dry Creek next week and I'll let you know how we did! See you out there! David

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