Lake Report

After a great winter with loads of rain and snow runoff, Lake Shasta is up and running at full steam. Bring your own boat and drop it in, or rent one of the many boats available here in a range of size and prices. There are several marinas around the lake that offer a variety of services, and you can rent a houseboat for a pleasant getaway, too.

Amenities around the lake are in great shape now. The trees are green and happy after struggling through the drought for so long, which means all your favorite camping, picnicking, and napping spots are looking as good as you’ve seen them in years. Don’t miss the chance to park a boat in a quiet cove, set up some poles, and relax for an afternoon. The swimming is good and so is the hiking.

The fish are happy and healthy, so while we can’t guarantee you a catch (you know how fish are), your odds are pretty good right now.