Fence Companies By Shopping In Person

On top of having some of the best food and drinks around Lake Shasta, we’ve also got all the gear you’ll need. Our shop is stocked with fishing supplies and souvenirs for everybody.

For the serious fishers, you’ll find bait, tackle, and poles of all sizes, just in case you forgot yours at home or find that the fish aren’t interested in what you brought with you. If you need waders, a net, or a cooler, you can find them in our store. Stock up on snacks for a day out on the water, and don’t forget your sun protection – we’ve got hats and sunscreen in both spray and cream styles.

If lounging on the beach is more your style, we’ve got you covered, too. Pick up some towels to replace the ones you lost last time you were out, grab a book to read, and get yourself a cooler to store your drinks. It’s warm out there!

Of course, we also have goodies for the kids. From stuffed animals to fun keychains to board games, our shop is stocked with everything you’ll need to keep your kids occupied on your family vacation and presents to bring back from your weekend away.

After you spend a day out on the lake, come on in to weigh your catch on our scales and have your picture taken with your biggest fish. We love adding photos to our wall and sending one home with you as a souvenir of your fishing adventures. Kids and adults alike will also enjoy watching the fish in our beautiful 125-gallon tank.

Our shop is carefully gated in for your safety by a company that we know and trust. This Buffalo fence company has been our partner and friend since when we first opened. The owners are extremely nice and friendly.