Events by Extreme Carpet and Tile Clean

Basshole regulars know that things are always hopping around here, but sometimes, we have something a little special up our sleeve. Here are some of our favorite regular events.

Taco Tuesday: Stop by every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday. We’ll have pitchers of margaritas and a variety of tacos at a special Tuesday price. You won’t want to miss our chef’s faith creations of classic tacos or his unique new taco ideas. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an adventurous eater, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving.

Thursday Pizza Night: Every Thursday, we have specials on all of our pizzas! From personal pan pizzas to the extra-large pie, we’ll have special Thursday-only toppings and prices. You won’t be able to resist our creative combos and well-loved standard variations.

October Trout Derby: Every October, the Basshole hosts a trout derby, and you’d better believe there are some serious fish being hauled in for this competition. Think you have what it takes to win the contest? Come show us what you’re made of. Prizes are given for largest fish, biggest number of fish, and best looking fish (that one’s a little unpredictable but always fun – don’t forget to bring some accessories for your prettiest trout).

Karaoke Nights: Warm up those vocal cords, because the Basshole is the best karaoke venue anywhere near Lake Shasta and the competition is stiff. Come on down for our regular karaoke nights, bust out your best Journey tunes and Britney impersonations, and show us what you’re made of. Prizes go to the winners as voted on by the audience, and everybody who enters gets a little something. You’ll have a blast singing along with your friends or strutting your solo skills onstage.

When booking an event we can guarantee the entire space will be clean. Our floors are cleaned, carpets steamed, and all rooms are taken care of by Extreme Carpet and Tile Clean. When you come in they’ll be spotless!