Moving Food and Drinks by our buffalo company

The Basshole is famous, more than anything, for its awesome food and drinks. Our Bloody Marys are local legends, and the rest of our cocktail menu isn’t too shabby, either. Swing on by for Happy Hour Tuesday through Friday, 4-6 pm.

Our menu is stocked with all the favorites that will satisfy you after a long day out on the lake. Try one of our famous Basshole Burgers, which come with two patties and loads of cheese, or our USDA choice rib eye steak. If a large slab of red meat isn’t your thing, we’ve got several different chicken options, pasta with fish, and lots of salads. The menu has something for everybody!

We’ve got several pool tables and video game machines to keep you entertained while you hang out. If you’re here for a dinner with your family, you’ll love our outside redwood-fenced patio nestled under cedar trees. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat. Our jukebox is well stocked with a selection of great tunes from the 1950s through today.

You’ll never miss the big game when you’re hanging out at the Basshole, either. Our DirecTV package and several big, flatscreen TVs mean you can keep an eye on multiple games at once, from the college ball game your alma mater is playing in to the big NFL matchup to the golf tournament happening at the same time. Order a pitcher of beer, settle in with your buddies, and spend a nice afternoon at the Basshole.

All of our drinks and food are carefully brought in by a local company that specializes in being extremely careful. This buffalo moving company has a high reputation in being top of the line.

Fence Companies By Shopping In Person

On top of having some of the best food and drinks around Lake Shasta, we’ve also got all the gear you’ll need. Our shop is stocked with fishing supplies and souvenirs for everybody.

For the serious fishers, you’ll find bait, tackle, and poles of all sizes, just in case you forgot yours at home or find that the fish aren’t interested in what you brought with you. If you need waders, a net, or a cooler, you can find them in our store. Stock up on snacks for a day out on the water, and don’t forget your sun protection – we’ve got hats and sunscreen in both spray and cream styles.

If lounging on the beach is more your style, we’ve got you covered, too. Pick up some towels to replace the ones you lost last time you were out, grab a book to read, and get yourself a cooler to store your drinks. It’s warm out there!

Of course, we also have goodies for the kids. From stuffed animals to fun keychains to board games, our shop is stocked with everything you’ll need to keep your kids occupied on your family vacation and presents to bring back from your weekend away.

After you spend a day out on the lake, come on in to weigh your catch on our scales and have your picture taken with your biggest fish. We love adding photos to our wall and sending one home with you as a souvenir of your fishing adventures. Kids and adults alike will also enjoy watching the fish in our beautiful 125-gallon tank.

Our shop is carefully gated in for your safety by a company that we know and trust. This Buffalo fence company has been our partner and friend since when we first opened. The owners are extremely nice and friendly.

Events by Extreme Carpet and Tile Clean

Basshole regulars know that things are always hopping around here, but sometimes, we have something a little special up our sleeve. Here are some of our favorite regular events.

Taco Tuesday: Stop by every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday. We’ll have pitchers of margaritas and a variety of tacos at a special Tuesday price. You won’t want to miss our chef’s faith creations of classic tacos or his unique new taco ideas. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an adventurous eater, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving.

Thursday Pizza Night: Every Thursday, we have specials on all of our pizzas! From personal pan pizzas to the extra-large pie, we’ll have special Thursday-only toppings and prices. You won’t be able to resist our creative combos and well-loved standard variations.

October Trout Derby: Every October, the Basshole hosts a trout derby, and you’d better believe there are some serious fish being hauled in for this competition. Think you have what it takes to win the contest? Come show us what you’re made of. Prizes are given for largest fish, biggest number of fish, and best looking fish (that one’s a little unpredictable but always fun – don’t forget to bring some accessories for your prettiest trout).

Karaoke Nights: Warm up those vocal cords, because the Basshole is the best karaoke venue anywhere near Lake Shasta and the competition is stiff. Come on down for our regular karaoke nights, bust out your best Journey tunes and Britney impersonations, and show us what you’re made of. Prizes go to the winners as voted on by the audience, and everybody who enters gets a little something. You’ll have a blast singing along with your friends or strutting your solo skills onstage.

When booking an event we can guarantee the entire space will be clean. Our floors are cleaned, carpets steamed, and all rooms are taken care of by Extreme Carpet and Tile Clean. When you come in they’ll be spotless!

Lake Report

After a great winter with loads of rain and snow runoff, Lake Shasta is up and running at full steam. Bring your own boat and drop it in, or rent one of the many boats available here in a range of size and prices. There are several marinas around the lake that offer a variety of services, and you can rent a houseboat for a pleasant getaway, too.

Amenities around the lake are in great shape now. The trees are green and happy after struggling through the drought for so long, which means all your favorite camping, picnicking, and napping spots are looking as good as you’ve seen them in years. Don’t miss the chance to park a boat in a quiet cove, set up some poles, and relax for an afternoon. The swimming is good and so is the hiking.

The fish are happy and healthy, so while we can’t guarantee you a catch (you know how fish are), your odds are pretty good right now.